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Surfing | Sandy Beach, O’ahu

So………..did you really think I would be the one surfing?

Ha!  I’ll leave that to people who can actually put their feet over their heads and not get all dizzy and fall over, like me. 😉

Isn’t that amazing?  Wish I had gotten his name so I could send him a photo.

Randy and I stopped at Sandy Beach on a Friday afternoon…. it was pretty obvious that this beach isn’t one of the touristy beaches.  Although this guy is older than most of the surfers, I think that when we set foot on the beach, we increased the average age by a few years.  So….. we were older, and not locals…. but that’s OK.  We had fun anyway.  I was too chicken to get out in the waves at this beach, so I pulled out my camera and big 70-200mm lens and started shooting.  I’m pretty careful around sand and water with my camera, but a rouge wave still got me.  It could have been much worse.  I was down on my knees in the sand, above the wave’s reach, but a big wave came in and before I knew it, I was skittering on top of the sand, the wave pulling me out to the water.  Luckily, I didn’t fall over.  My camera and lens were covered in wet sand from the splash of the wave.  After I scurried up and walked back up the beach to safety, I assessed the damage….. amazingly, the good seals on my camera and lens were doing their job.  I just had to clean tons of sand off of my kit.  I think there are still sand crystals here and there in the nooks and crannies.  Oh well, worth the shots!

What I really wanted to do was be able to shoot down the wave tube, but that would involve being knocked down by the waves, time and again….  and even if I had underwater housing for my camera,  I’m just not up to being half drowned.

Randy was out in that ….somewhere.  He said there were bodies flying everywhere.  It was hard to keep from hitting other people because the waves were so intense.  He didn’t have a boogie board, he was just trying to body surf…… although to me it looked more like torture…. bodies being tossed around like sticks.  Crazy!

As soon as my boys saw these photos, they were completely enamored.  They all want surf boards for Christmas.  Ha!

I could totally see Reid and Wyatt out there if we lived in Hawaii….. and if Mom would let them.

Even though I have no desire to learn to surf, it must be a complete rush to be inside a wave like this…. I just want to get the photo.

And just to prove it…. there he is… about to get pounded.

Here is a really good link complete with video of the surf at Sandy Beach.

The past few days of cold has me wishing for Sandy Beach…. if I close my eyes …… and “maginate” as Walter says…….I can feel the warm sand….

  • Carol - Amazing pictures, Wendy! The warm ocean sounds pretty good compared to our sub-20 degree temps. Have a wonderful weekend.ReplyCancel

    • Wendy - Thanks, Carol! I know— that warm ocean would feel really good about now. Someday ………..ReplyCancel