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Thankfulness | Our little Fair

I know…. the fair was SO long ago….. but I have so much from the summer that I haven’t shared….. 🙂

(iso 500 f/2.8 1/10 sec handheld)  

Every September we load up the Big Black Burban and truck all our entries to the Palouse Empire Fair…..

….. well loved animals, Lego creations, little works of art, vegetables from the garden, photos and various veterinary supplies.

This was Reid’s first year showing a pig for 4H.  I will tell you, I was skeptical.  I had always thought of pigs as rather stinky and noisy, besides we had so many friends in the beef barn.   Anyhow, he came to me last spring, and so politely and earnestly asked to give it a one year try in the pig barn.  He worked very hard with his pigs (1 plus a spare). The pigs were stinky and noisy, but they were also friendly, and at times quite hilarious.  And with the helpful coaching of two big sisters, he did SO well for the first year of showing.  He was happy to be asked back to the second round of fitting and showing.  Hopefully his ardor for showing will keep him trying to improve  (and the nice big, fat check that came about a month after the sale didn’t hurt either 🙂 )

Wyatt showed a lamb for Daddy’s Little Shepherd,  again.  He worked really hard, and showed great improvement since the previous years, but you can tell his heart was in the poultry barn.    Both he and Walter brought chickens to show.  They were so attentive to barn duties because that meant they got to be around the chickens, chicks, and ducklings.  Winona entered some perfect eggs, and Walter entered his self-designed and created Jet Pack in the Recycled Art competition.  He made it from packing tape (shoulder straps), an iPad packing box, a metal John Deere tin, and a plastic sunflower seed bottle.

But of course, the most longed for thing at the fair is the night we get arm bands for the rides (well, Randy and the kids get arm bands….. I opt out :))  The lights, the glee, the laughter, and screams….. well, these are all parts of the memories that all add up make the Palouse Empire Fair…… that and few bags of cotton candy and 4 caramel apples.   For this gathering of friends from around the county, I am thankful.

  • Southern Gal - One thing I wanted my children to be able to do was show an animal at the fair. It never worked out, but we still love to view all the animals when we go.

    Love the Ferris wheel shots.ReplyCancel

  • Tricia - Fantabulous captures… love all the lights! =)

    I’ve started a new meme, so don’t forget to swing by Wed evenings around 6pm CST & link up to Watery Wednesday… and, of course, Barn Charm on Mon evenings at the same time! =)ReplyCancel

  • Ann - Love the wheel shots! so great!! and the Fair is my favorite time of year too! Love taking the kids to see the animals and all the fun fair stuff!ReplyCancel