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This page is for all the questions I get asked on a regular basis.  If you can’t find an answer here — please feel free to  {contact me} with your question!

Where do your sessions take place?

I prefer to come to you, or meet you at a location that has meaning to you and your loved ones.  I typically travel a 20-30 mile radius from Colfax, Washington  (99111) for most sessions.  I do make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  I love to capture you in your element whether that is  your family farm or the the neighbor’s back 40.  I haven’t found a location that I’ve been unable to make work (yet — don’t make that your goal! haha!)

Do you specialize in any sort of photography?

No, not really.  I am moving more towards high school seniors, weddings, and families — mostly because that is where my heart is.  I love, love, love working with seniors!  They inspire me, challenge me, and make me want to try things in photography that will stretch us both!  Weddings and couples — I must admit it’s all about the emotions, the drama, the tenderness, and the love that shows so clearly in these images — that’s what draws me to wedding photography.  When you are so in love, it’s easy to capture — you are not embarrassed or worried — you want to be in the moment — I’m just the lucky fly on the wall with a camera that gets to capture that love!  That, and the details — all the details you’ve spent hours agonizing over for your special day.  And families — well families and weddings go hand in hand, right?  I think that some of my favorite images of all are from family sessions from last year.  Most families that I’ve had the privilege to work with are always surprised when they open their gallery — surprised that their beautiful images came from the chaos that often accompanies a family portrait session.  I like these kind of surprises!


Do you sell prints or digital files?

I offer both.  I prefer to sell you prints and wall portraits because I know that my computer monitor is calibrated with my professional printing lab.  I know what your prints will look like when I order them, and I know you will be pleased with the quality of your prints.  These prints represent not only you and your family, but also my work.  I want your friends and family to be appropriately “wowed” and not distracted by poor print quality.  However, I do understand that in this digital age, everyone likes to have digital files — I want them too!  But I worry that once you have your disk of digital images put on your computer, that’s where they’ll stay.  Computers crash, and often these files will be ruined unless you have them backed up appropriately. You deserve to have beautiful prints on your mantle and walls — prints and albums to hand down to your children and grandchildren.  You spent a lot of time getting ready for your photo session — you deserve to have beautiful prints to show off!  (OK — rant finished 🙂


What sort of qualifications do you have to be a professional photographer?

Good question.  I suppose the long answer is all of the years I spent in school learning to be a veterinarian.  (Yes, I still keep up my license to practice, and no I am not currently practicing.)  But all those years spent learning details of medicine and surgery has trained my mind to think methodically — there is a science to photography, just as much as there is art.  The part of “seeing” what to capture is something you are born with, and something you can nurture the more you shoot.  Years ago, while I was still a teenager, I spent some very hard-earned money on a basic 35mm film camera.  I tried really hard to capture the beauty I saw with that camera, but I didn’t have the resources at that point to learn what I was doing wrong, and film was expensive for a poor teenager.  Then in college, I was on the fast track to finish my BS in Biology and get accepted to  vet school, that I didn’t take the time to explore art and photography.  I really wish I had — but extra credits and extra years in college were expensive.  (are you still with me?  haha!) So fast forward about 15 years — learning to photograph my children was probably the most influencing factor in my finally becoming adept at photography. They inspire me every day.  They make me work hard to capture their essence in a frame.  I’ve studied, and read, and practiced, and taken a few classes, and practiced some more.  It’s in the practicing that studying becomes the learning and the doing.

The short answer — the beautiful photos I’ve been blessed to capture.

Yes, I have a business license (pay taxes), and I carry full liability insurance to cover those things that are beyond my control.   I am a member of Professional Photographers of America.  I hope to be able to submit photos for peer-reviewed competitions in the next year, and would like to work towards a CPP certification in the next couple of years.  I have been blessed to be supported by a group of photographer friends, near and far, that help me learn and grow every day.  You all inspire me to be better!