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Camping at Heyburn State Park

A few images from our camping trip….. OK, more than a few 😉

This is at Heyburn State Park, in northern Idaho near St. Maries.  It’s a wonderful place to camp — would be even better without mosquitoes!

As you can see, the first day we went on a bike ride … the first time all of us rode together on bikes.  We kinda scraped together bikes for Randy and myself, and borrowed a bike trailer from a friend (thanks Betina!).  Randy rode my old bike from college days, and I rode an old Western Flyer bike stamped  ’59 (original seat and all — ouch).  We road on the trail of the Coeur d Alenes from Camp Chatcolet to Harrison (about 8 miles), where we stopped for lunch and a fanny break, and then we rode back.  It is a nice pleasant ride…. probably more so if your hiney is used to riding.  😉

This bridge is fun!

And so day one was complete… with a little fishing at sunset thrown in when we got back.


Day two we decided to stay closer to camp…. we went on a little hike….

…we kept an eye out for black bears as there was supposedly one swimming in the lake not too far from some kids….

…but alas, no bears were spotted.

We did explore an abandoned railway tunnel though….. me and three little ones …

while dad and the big boys were once again fishing.

Three little ones?  Well, yes… a little boy sort of adopted us the whole time we were camping….

I’m sure our campsite was more fun than his since he only had a baby sister but…. I wasn’t too hip on being his caretaker the whole time.  Two littles are enough.

Ah well, he had fun… and at least someone was watching him.

I had to tease Randy about the ancient graffiti inside the tunnel … 😉

Love this shot…. it may be my fav from the whole trip.

Do these two images appear similar to you?  They sure do to me…. for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Oh…. and you’re probably wondering about the shiner…. well, little miss Nona had a head-on collision with her big brother’s bicycle handle…. and all across the campground, mothers stopped to listen and ask, “Is that my child screaming?”  Yes, it was my child.  The side of her face ballooned up faster than you can say “flibbertygibbit” and the next morning her left eye looked like a raccoon… had a nice black ring around it.  She’s almost back to normal.  Good thing the handle didn’t hit her directly in the eye or we might have had to cut our camping trip short.  Those children.  A heart attack a second.  Needless-to-say, it was early to bed that night.

Stay tuned for a few more tomorrow!