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being Wendy


So…… it’s been a LONG time since I entered any photos into the I ♥ Faces photo contest….. a really long time.  But when I saw the theme this week, I just had to take a moment and enter because I’ve been meaning to tell you about this book anyway…. and the telling of this book fits the theme SO well.

Why?  Well, because…… I’m Wendy (as you may know)…. and I have red-hair (as you may know)….. and if you squint REALLY hard, you can read the caption on the back cover of this book…..

….it says, “Who says you can only follow ONE dream?”

And that, my friends…. is me….. on the cover of this book.  And like so many women who start their lives dreaming of one career or another, our lives change …. our dreams change….

….and learning to embrace the new dreams and not feel guilty about the old dreams falling away is sometimes our hardest challenge.

We are not confined to one-box dreams……we can go to vet school and still love being a vet, but not feel guilty for finding a new dream and pursuing it, letting the new dream mold us….

and this is my dream….. and my four little dreamers in the making.

(my husband gave me this book for Christmas….. how’s that for a supportive spouse?  Love that man of mine)

Photo Challenge Submission

  • MG Atwood - Love the vintage feel to this.ReplyCancel

  • TraceY Washington - This is beautiful! I really love the post-processing on this and the message. I’m doing a project over here: http://www.inspireme-photography.com/blog/?p=3671 since I ended my 365 link up. I hope you can join me 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - So happy you have followed your dreams! You are one talented girl (photographer)!
    I have to go find that book!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - You are an inspiration, Wendy!ReplyCancel

  • Southern Gal - How inspiring is this? That book couldn’t have been any more perfect. The faces of your children make me want to swoop them all up and hug them hard!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Aww, what a good big brother!ReplyCancel

  • Janneke M - Wow… this is SUCH a beautiful entry. I love the words you shared as well with the photo. It’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.ReplyCancel

  • Michele - I love all the gingers! Great, natural composition.ReplyCancel

  • bobi crisan - oh i love that photo and how thoughtful of your hubby. you gotta love those gestures. looking forward when my kids will be old enough to gather around a good book like that. I so agree with the caption on the back of the book.ReplyCancel