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To the land of frogs….

Welcome to the land of frogs…. a special place that one must travel to through skies of blue… …aView full post »

Bliss or something like it….

Well….. it was blissful… or something like it…. our quick trip to western Oregon for springView full post »

Discovery and healing through self portraiture – Just Shoot Me.

(just a little warning…. this post is a bit different from the normal fare you see on here…. much moreView full post »

Morning has Broken

Morning has broken, like the first morning Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird Praise for the singing, praiseView full post »

Letters from Spring….

Like a long-lost pen pal from childhood…. she writes me letters…. …letters penned in the soft handView full post »

Baby Boy {Whitman Hospital Newborn Photographer}

Hello there little man.  Welcome to the world!   This little guy was actually closer to one month old than aView full post »

Winter Wheat Dewdrops

Well, here it is…. spring on the Palouse….. winter wheat beginning to grow in verdant greenView full post »

A quick request…

I would love some input on how my blog is functioning for you guys. Can you leave a comment and let me know ifView full post »


Reflection can be defined in many ways.  Merriam-Webster has nine different definitions of the word. Here is anView full post »

Yellow Airplane

Welcome!!!  If you’ve found yourself here…. you are in the right place! This is the new me…. a littleView full post »

Duck, duck, goose!

This past weekend, we spent some time at the park…. watching the ducks and geese……watching us…View full post »

Shooting the Moon

Wasn’t the moon lovely tonight?  ……  I needed to shoot it….  ….and IView full post »

My Girl…..talkin bout my girl…….

My Girl….. talkin ’bout my girl…… in faux fur…… (the color was much more clearView full post »

Meet Blackie

It’s that time of year again…. when our little farm starts to grow… adding feet by the four. (fourView full post »

Sun flare — I ♥ Faces

The theme at I ♥ Faces this week is sun flare….. and as you know, I love sun flare…. and I love thisView full post »

Where’ve you been?

…. you might ask me… And you would be totally justified in asking….. because I have been a badView full post »

Whitman County Landscapes

Some photos from county travels….. love this one….. the lines of light and dark add drama. An abandonedView full post »

Well, Hello there…..

This is me….. on a journey of discovery…. … a journey I cannot wait to share withView full post »

Faces of February

A few of my favorite faces of February… (awwww……) One, two, three…How many teeth do youView full post »

Round Barn, Pullman WA

More rural driving…. off to buy shoes for 4 growing kids…. the boys are so used to my photographyView full post »

Old Churches of Whitman County

Yesterday was a beautiful day, especially compared to the weekends before. I had a real hankering for getting out andView full post »

Window light portraits {Pullman, Colfax, Palouse Washinginton Child Photographer}

During the long dreary winter months…. it can be hard to be an inspired portrait photographer.  The out ofView full post »


…of warm summer evenings… … the sweet damask scent of roses on the breeze… …velvetyView full post »


more freckles ….. good more friends….. good more snow …. just don’t ask the cat moreView full post »

Bulking up and other such nonsense…

Breakfast? Yep. Sad, I know.(I’ll make no comment about how this little delicacy looks just like a…..View full post »


This weekend has been cold and blustery….. but last weekend was relatively nice. The boys wanted to roastView full post »


Pale clouds sail their tiny ships through the calm water of a morning sky, while pansies lift painted petals to theView full post »


What do kids do when Momma turns off the wii? Well…. exactly what kids did before the wii was ever imagined. AsView full post »

This morning…

The neurotic dog and I went for a walk first thing this morning…. (really, she is neurotic…. sheView full post »

From my Valentine…

He sent me roses for Valentines a dozen glowing beauties… a mixture of creamy white and fiery red, to celebrateView full post »

What’s a Girl to do?

What’s a girl with 3 bigger brothers in the house to do? Is she more likely to follow her genetics… orView full post »


He’s my little heart breaker….. his soulful eyes, his heart-shaped face, his abundant freckles, his gingerView full post »


I’ve been getting a little stir crazy… call it cabin fever… call it mid-winter blues…. call itView full post »

Red — I ♥ Faces

For you. Roses are Red My hair is too, I picked out this one Just for you. xoxoxoView full post »

A Grape Hyacinth study

Every winter, I like to force bulbs…. it seems to make the spring come sooner. This year I started a bunch ofView full post »

Big shoulders….

It’s been a tough week here on the homefront….  emotionally and physically draining. Two with earView full post »