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Giving Back — OpLove for the Palouse

I mentioned a couple of days ago on my AR Facebook page, that I am now officially part of Operation Love ReUnited.  View full post »

Palouse Falls

You’d never know, as you looked across  the landscape, that between where the boys are standing and hillsView full post »

4 for Friday

One…. up to bat. He earned the right to be the starting pitcher yesterday.  He had a few game jitters, butView full post »

Levi & Amy | Engaged

Levi & Amy | Engaged ….they made my first engagement session so easy…. They were excited, helpful,View full post »

Yellow — I ♥ Faces

Wouldn’t you know it…. the theme at I ♥ Faces this week is yellow. Um….. I *think* I have aView full post »


Spring has sprung…. finally….. ….finally there is height and depth to my flowerView full post »

4 for Friday

One…. in all his pitching glory… Two…. with his baby…. Three…. feeding the babyView full post »

A Girl and Her Horse|Eastern Washington Portrait Photographer | Families

Well, she’s more of a woman now than a girl… but you can feel the wonderful bond that this girl had withView full post »

Temporarily Unplugged

Through no choice of my own…. I’ve been unplugged….. (well, except for my phone)… Thanks toView full post »

4 for Friday — Newborn edition

One….. a new little baby to love. Two…. I think it loves me too. Three…. watching a goslingView full post »

Adorable Toddler Girl | Pullman, Colfax, Palouse Child Photographer

I love this quote by George Eliot… “A toddling little girl is a center of common feeling which makes theView full post »

Anatomy of a Dandelion

Dandelions…. we all have them sprinkled throughout our lawns and pastures this time of year… …theyView full post »

I ♥ Faces — Motherhood

New motherhood:  a crash course  on learning to love selflessly, trusting instincts, and being thankful for your ownView full post »

Field of Dreams

What is a Mother…. but an encourager of dreams… a soft shoulder and a listening ear…. and atView full post »

Sweet Baby Sophia

Sweet baby Sophia, just 11 days new….. she was the sleepiest baby I’ve had yet…. and soView full post »

Queen Spring

And she said…. “Let there be color….. and it was good…… VERY good.”  😉 I am soView full post »

A Force to be Reckoned With

one…. two… three… (a bit OOF — out of focus) a force to be reckonedView full post »

Bits and pieces

I’m trying hard to get caught up on things…. my studio lighting class, editing two sessions, and anotherView full post »

Whitman County Churches (#2)

I finally got out to capture a few more old churches…. the lighting and sky wasn’t the best…. BothView full post »


Verdant…. the best description…. lush, green, rich. It’s finally starting to green up aroundView full post »

4 for Friday (OK….6 actually)

Six from Easter weekend…  a family celebration…. of hope and joy. ….I absolutely adore thisView full post »

Sweet little man — 8 days new

This little man came to visit last week….. look at those big brown eyes! He didn’t want to miss aView full post »

Pets — I ♥ Faces

The theme this week at I ♥ Faces is “Pets”, and although this is really not a very nice photo technicallyView full post »

Strawberry Jam

Even sad little strawberries, grown far, far away,  can grow up to make delicious freezer jam. (that’s my wordsView full post »

Wondrous Love

What wondrous love is this? O my soul, O my soul! What wondrous love is this, O my soul? What wondrous love isView full post »

4 for Friday

Can you tell me? Which child you see? I’ll answer in the comments tomorrow 😉  View full post »

First Attempts at Studio Lighting

We all have to start somewhere…. this is my first… …my first attempt at studio lighting. It’sView full post »


…that was our weekend past…. in more ways than one! If you live on the Palouse, or were visiting theView full post »


This morning…. …my heart cried frosty tears… …why????…. Why must the frost and snowView full post »

King Alfred Daffodils

Like little orbs of sunshine, they are filling my flower beds with golden light…. …their ruffles and raysView full post »

4 for Friday

The first…. with his calf…. ….much on his plate…. already…. responsibilitiesView full post »

Orchard bloom session

The peach orchard at Warm Springs Ranch is blooming….. ….and I had the wonderful opportunity to go do aView full post »

Ducks at Dahmen Barn

Here is the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown, WA. Someday I need to go get some proper photos of this barn, but as we wereView full post »

Portland Zoo and photography musings…

Of all the places we visited over spring break, I think the Portland Zoo was the kids favorite.  Why? Oh, theView full post »

I ♥ Faces — Shadows

It’s been a while since I entered a photo into I ♥ Faces…. so I decided to join in this week. The theme isView full post »

Liquid Sunshine

We’ve had plenty of it this spring….. even here on the Palouse there are fields with standingView full post »