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Tree Hunt 2011

Last weekend, we went on our annual tree hunt….. in reality, it’s probably less of a hunt and more of aView full post »

Surfing | Sandy Beach, O’ahu

So………..did you really think I would be the one surfing? Ha!  I’ll leave that to people who canView full post »

Pearl Harbor

Imagine a day dawning…. the dark giving way to light….tropical breezes gently blowing… the peaceView full post »

Vintage Western Family | Eastern WA Family Portraits

Here’s  a beautiful family to start off your work week! This is the second time I’ve had the opportunityView full post »

Coming in for a landing

Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger lately….. you’d think I would have tons of time to put togetherView full post »

Getting my groove back | ClickinMoms Film Presets

I hope you had a wonderful weekend shared with family and friends. Sometimes….. getting away helps youView full post »

Little Blessings | Eastern WA Family Portraits

This is the time of year…. to stop and count your blessings…. big and small….. …and having theView full post »

Thankfulness | Seasons of Change

Today …… I’m thankful for the little things in life…… the thrill of sledding over a mereView full post »

4 for Friday | Sea Turtle

one….. of one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced….. swimming with a seaView full post »

Custom Press-printed Christmas Cards | 2011

 Are you ready for Christmas? Nope, me either…… but it is just around the corner!  And that means prettyView full post »

Jeremy | Class of 2012

Meet Jeremy. Colfax Class of 2012 — he’s a hard worker, enjoys soccer, and plays the saxophone. It was aView full post »

Thankfulness | Glimpses of Heaven on Earth

 Continuing my Thankfulness series…. Today, I’m thankful for tenderness…. the soft thing betweenView full post »

Honoring Veterans | 11.11.11

“But the freedom that they fought for, and the country grand they wrought for, Is their monument to-day, and forView full post »

Winona’s 3rd

She had a birthday last week…. my baby girl…..she wanted a kitty on her cake. I tried 😉 I decided to makeView full post »

Anne | Class of 2012

Meet Anne…. an absolutely gorgeous member of the class of 2012…. so sweet and natural in front of theView full post »

Thankfulness | Happiness doubled by Wonder

I believe in being thankful …… thankful for the blessings that come my way….. thankful even when itView full post »

Levi & Amy Wed!

 Finally….. Levi & Amy’s wedding blogged…… wow! My first wedding solo…. I was aView full post »

POTD | Scary

Pretty scary… (especially the big one with her mouth hanging open)…. Bet you can’t guess who had theView full post »

Frightfully Boo-tiful

What do you get when you cross a trio of beauties with the frightful holiday? A frightfully booo-tiful familyView full post »

O’ahu Sunrise

Sunrise on the windward side of O’ahu…… …..just moments apart. Amazing how quickly the lightView full post »

Lovely Mother & Daughters Session

 Seriously…. doesn’t this image make you want to swoon? A special session just for a mother and herView full post »

A thankful Heart

I’m feeling very thankful today…. …thankful for these four with all of theirView full post »

4 for Friday

one ….. of just the two of us….. together in Hawaii…. celebrating 10 years…. two…. ofView full post »

Fabulous Fairfield Family

F-f-f……what begins with f? A fabulous family from Fairfield….. that begins with F!!!!! (sorry,  Dr.View full post »

Softly Sleeping

…..while she lies sleeping…. softly, softly, now softly, softly lies sleeping….. (from Sense &View full post »

4 for Friday

…one…. of the cocktail  my week has been….. …..a bit of a blur mixed with the speed ofView full post »

POTD | Moo

Moo. What’r you lookin’ at? Yeah, I thought so…. get along little buddy…. ….andView full post »


…..a little bit of beautiful…. ….on this dreary day…. ….beautiful memories to convey usView full post »

4 for Friday

one …… of my new assistant… …the one with red-hair…….er…. the boy withView full post »

Kelsey | Class of 2012

 Meet Kelsey— a beautiful senior girl — Class of 2012…. love her smile and dark brown eye. What aView full post »

POTD | Sunrise

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better…. so you get a bonus today 😉 ….beautiful warmView full post »

Sweet baby girl | Colfax, Pullman, Palouse Newborn Photographer

She was too adorable for words……….. her soft smiles and baby snuggles and grunts were *almost*View full post »

Morgan | Class of 2012

Are you ready for some beautiful faces this week? Ready or not…. here they come! A gorgeous senior today,View full post »

Disconnecting + Reconnecting = Happiness

Last weekend….   was great. epic. relaxing. perfect. (insert other phenomenal adjective) We had planned to goView full post »

4 for Friday

one….. of us ten years ago…. the happy couple newly hitched (isn’t he handsome?) …our littleView full post »

POTD | Sunset Dust

Just a simple photograph…. that I happen to love…. the details shrouded and defined by dustView full post »