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Wonderful Walter

Walter has had a wonderful couple of days! He is feeling so much better, eating so much better, and acting so muchView full post »

Big Boys in Seattle

So what, you might ask, have Reid and Wyatt been doing when they are in Seattle? The first and foremost thing they areView full post »

My Eyes Are Up Here

Lately I have had lots of people looking at my chest–gawking, staring, smiling. Randy has the same problemView full post »


Walter loves to be touched. Not by the nurses mind you, he doesn’t even like them to look at him. No, WalterView full post »

Reid’s Perspective

“Mom, Walter’s burn is like a nightmare, except it is real and not a nightmare.” “Mom, I willView full post »

Graft #2 & Good-bye Ped ICU!!!

We are so done with Peds ICU! Don’t get me wrong–we love the special care we received on pediatric ICU andView full post »

4 Kids and an ICU Cubicle

We are still in PedsICU. The attending surgeon wants to do another AAP (anesthetic assisted procedure) in the morningView full post »

It’s a Ten Binky Hurt

Walter is sleeping now in ICU, but in the above picture, he was hurting so badly that he had to have all his binkiesView full post »

The View from Our Window…

The view from our window will be changing today. We will moving back up to the ICU for a day or two. Walter is in theView full post »

Surgery Tomorrow at 10 AM

Tomorrow is the big day. Walter will go into surgery tomorrow at 10 AM for his second graft–his autograft (fromView full post »

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow….

Have you ever read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? The story is about a boyView full post »

History of Aprons

I have to do something while I am nervously waiting for transport to come and take Walter down to Radiology where theyView full post »

Playing Games

Walter and I play this game. He points to the shelf in our room that is stocked with so many wonderful goodies (thanksView full post »

Is It Spring? The Momma Bear has Emerged!

Advocate: noun: 1: one that pleads the cause of another ; specifically : one that pleads the cause of anotherView full post »

Seattle Forecast

The forecast today for Seattle is partly sunny with possible afternoon showers–high 39, low 27. The forecastView full post »

My Man

My man is strong and braveHe can wrestle cows all day longAnd never break a sweat. My man is strong and wilyHe can drawView full post »

Wound Rounds

Ten o’clock is an unpleasant hour on the burn floor. This is the time when the Burn Team (surgeons,View full post »

A Week Ago….

As I was driving back from Karen and Dean’s this morning after a restful night away from the ICU (don’tView full post »

Grandpa’s Funeral

Yesterday was my Grandpa’s funeral. He had been failing for some time now, so his death last Tuesday was noView full post »

T-Rex is Sleeping

Or as Walter is want to say– “E-Rex”. Walter has a thing for his E-Rex pajamas. A few weeks ago,View full post »

Graft #1

One down and one to go. Sitting here next to Walter’s crib in the pediatric ICU, I can finally unwind a bit.View full post »

Sx scheduled for Friday Morning

Real quick as I try to get out the door headed for Seattle. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I am notView full post »

Wound Care 101

It’s not very much fun for Walter or Mom and Dad. Luckily they have some good sedatives to help with anxiety andView full post »

Fire or Water?

This seems to be the question we are asked by other parents of toddlers on the burn floor. So far two couples justView full post »

Day 2 at Harborview

I finally found the public computers. There are only 4 of them in this huge hospital. Walter is resting now. He hadView full post »

Please Pray for Walter

A real quick note as I am rushing around trying to leave for Harbor View in Seattle. Please pray for our littleView full post »

A Wild Hair

“Going to church” mornings are always a little crazy at our house. We don’t go every weekView full post »

Pleasant Surprise

This is what comes of having a hideously disorganized garage. No, I’m not going to show you our messy garage.View full post »

Nona’s Playdate

Here are some pictures from my quick trip to Spokane to see Julie and her family and to pick up a new washer. It wasView full post »

Winona Giggles

Randy thinks this set of videos are funny. What do you think? Part uno: Part dos:View full post »

Winona Giggles

Randy thinks this set of videos are funny. What do you think? Part uno: Part dos:View full post »

Winona Giggles

Randy thinks this set of videos are funny. What do you think? Part uno: Part dos:View full post »

Winona Giggles

Randy thinks this set of videos are funny. What do you think? Part uno: Part dos:View full post »

5 Things…

So Molly tagged Randy on Facebook to list 25 obscure things about himself. She had such interesting things to listView full post »


I am tired. I am tired of being the go to gal, the one-stop-shop, the laundry girl, the short-order cook, the nose andView full post »

Camas Weekend

We had a nice long weekend in Camas (Randy’s hometown). Wyatt had a little trouble in the middle of the nightView full post »