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Weekend Pictures

Chasing Molly Catching Molly Getting Molly Soaking away the aches and pains ~Caitlin was there too, but somehow IView full post »

Wyatt and His Magic Yawn

It is Sunday afternoon, all 4 kids are napping (when does that happen?). So what do you think my man and I do, wildView full post »

Out of the Mouth….

Reid and Wyatt are discussing girls.Reid said, “Two girls said they want to marry me–Kennedy andView full post »

My Man in Print

A couple of months ago I wrote about THIS (click on the red words) – -Randy being interviewed by the WashingtonView full post »

Six Months Old Already?

Six months ago little Miss Winona was born. It is hard to believe she is half a year old! Where has the time gone? GoneView full post »

Weekly Flowers

Here are a few samples of what is blooming in my flower beds right now. As you can tell, I like red tulips. ( I alsoView full post »

My Latest Obsession

Amy Butler fabrics. Gonna have to get me some. You can see more at Amy Butler’s websiteView full post »

Nona and Poo

Nona loves Poo. Dr. Parson’s children gave Poo to Walter, but Winona latched on to him right off. Poo sings aView full post »

Meet Luna the Cow Human

I know that sounds strange, but Luna doesn’t really think she is a cow, she thinks she is human. Just ask her.View full post »

Walter’s Philosophy

Have you ever had a day like this? or this? Well, when life hands you chips, eat them!View full post »

Confessions on Being a Mother

It is just 8:30 in the morning. Reid is at school. Randy just left for the clinic. Walter has only had 3 meltdownsView full post »

Out of the Mouth….

Reid said, “Mom, how come they only have Mom and Dad’s day and not Kid’s day?” Good question.View full post »

Rose Care

With a nod to the big white fluffy flakes falling from the sky and littering my yard this morning, I am posting aboutView full post »

Walter and Wylie

The little musician in the making. (Sorry about all the background noise).View full post »

Walter and Wylie

The little musician in the making. (Sorry about all the background noise).View full post »

Walter and Wylie

The little musician in the making. (Sorry about all the background noise).View full post »

Walter and Wylie

The little musician in the making. (Sorry about all the background noise).View full post »

Reusing, Rebuilding, Reconnecting

This weekend we had a fraction of our extended family to visit. (The good fraction of course! Just kidding!) And inView full post »

Walter’s Benefit

Today was a big day for Walter and our family. Today we were blessed and honored to get together with about 200View full post »

Boys to Men

When my first son was born, I had determined to raise him in a gender-neutral way. Not to rob him of his boy traitsView full post »

Starting Seeds

Earlier this week when the weather was nice, the kids and I started some seeds in my little shabby greenhouse. I hadView full post »

Spring Buffet

So I’ve spent the past couple days getting the house ready for guests that are coming this weekend. CleaningView full post »

4 Weeks Ago….

Four weeks ago today, we were on our way home from Harborview. Four whole weeks of getting back to normal —View full post »

Meet Grizz the Polydactyl

Over the next few weeks I will slowly introduce you to all our animals. We have lots. So, meet Grizz. Grizz isView full post »

Congratulations! It’s A Girl!

Welcome to the world Emily Jane!Born: 4/23/09 — 6:09 AM7 lb 1 oz, 20 inches long Isn’t she adorable? IView full post »

Do You Know What These Are?

Cherry blossoms.Weather forecast for tonight: snow and rain, temp 33So much for sweet cherries this year. Maybe theView full post »

Out of the Mouth….

Reid said, “Mom, what if I took Winona to school? Mrs. Johnson would think she was cute, and so would all theView full post »

Almost Miss USA

Forgive me while I rant. If you pay any attention at all to popular media, I am sure you already have heard about theView full post »

Jamie Remembrance

My friend Julie sent this to me after my 5 things… post yesterday. It is so sweet. I sure hope I get to see myView full post »

Working Calves

The Mamas The babies Last week, the kids and I had the pleasure of accompanying Randy on an afternoon call to workView full post »

Baby Fix Pics

No flash Flash Flash No Flash Winona loves her toes. She especially likes to lay on her back, au naturale, andView full post »

5 Things…

….the last installment of 5 weird and wacky things about yours truly. When I was 18 I spent a nearly a month onView full post »

Mystery Photo

Yep, you are right. There were actually three of these little frogs. Reid took them to school last Friday. Mrs.View full post »