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Best Laid Plans

I had plans for Sunday. I always have a long list of “to does”. First we were going to get the regular chores out of the way–breakfast, feed the animals, clean up, etc. We did a pretty good job getting things checked off the list in the morning. (Insert one dog emergency call in the “to-do” list). I got my jog in on the treadmill while trying to monitor the boys putting on their Spiderman and Power Ranger costumes. Randy brought the bead board in for me to clean up and paint. Break for lunch.
The older boys were needing some outdoor time so Randy agreed to go sledding with them. Walter went down for his nap and Winona and I watched the sledding from the front window for awhile. Next thing I knew I heard the boys come in and Reid say, “Are you going to tell Mom?” That made my ears perk up and I went to see what Mom needed telling about. There was Randy laying on the floor–coat, overalls, boots still on–he had just barely made it inside the door.

“What happened? Are you OK?” No answer. Reid said, “Dad hurt himself.” Slumped on the floor, he is the color of curdled milk. I can tell he is in a lot of pain. He finally manages to say that the sled hit a bump and he came down hard on his backside. He refuses to go to the ER, but can barley stand without passing out. I help him out of his outerwear and help him walk to the couch. I get him some meds and his book and reading glasses. After a few hours he is able to stand without getting nauseated. I tell him, “You know, if you really wanted an afternoon to lay on the couch and read, you didn’t have to pull one of those shenanigans.” I really did feel badly for him.

As it turns out, he does have a cracked sacrum. He is managing fine on naproxen. He even pulled three calves today (what else is a man to do? especially a large animal veterinarian in the middle of calving season?) He is a hard-working man who puts the well-being his family and his patients before himself. I love him dearly. I just hope he doesn’t have any plans to go sledding, or skiing, or skating any time soon. Falling down would be a real pain in the “you know where”!