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And…….I’m back….. finally!


Did you think I had dropped off the face of the earth? 🙂

Not quite — just been very busy with both the business and personal side of things.

And being the crazy perfectionist that I am (and that’s putting it nicely), I couldn’t just put up my blog until it was perfect enough……

…but life sometimes makes a mess of perfection, and you have to settle for “good enough”.

So here’s “good enough”.

What do you think?

I still have parts of the blog that I want to change, but that will have to wait until I have more time.

Have a look around — let me know if something is not working right.  I’ve only looked at it in Firefox, so other browsers might have problems — please let me know if you see any.  The biggest changes besides the design is in my pricing.  (insert deep breath here).  I’ve been agonizing……. and agonizing……and agonizing some more (just ask my husband).  But this is where I feel like my business must move for it to be successful and worth the time I spend away from my family.  I could go on and on with my reasons for requiring an order minimum, but suffice it to say — if I am going to pour my heart and soul into a session, I need to make sure that my time and skill is valued enough to make it profitable.  I am not a big-box photography service (nor do I want to be)  — I am a custom photography service.  I take the time, not only during the session to make your photos unique, but I also spend many hours hand editing and retouching to make sure your images are the best your walls can support.  I keep my print prices reasonable, and to do that,  I need to make sure that my hard work is valued by adding an order minimum. 🙂  OK?  OK.  Let me know what you think 😉

And in other news — please keep this little goof-ball in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as he is going under the knife to have a growth removed from his right cheek wall.  This momma is nervous (who wouldn’t be?)  He’ll be under for at least an hour.  I’m praying that all goes well and that the histology comes back with good news.

  • Wendy - just checking to see if comments workReplyCancel

  • Southern Gal - I love the new look, Wendy. A minimum order is a good thing. I’m glad you’ve implemented it and have peace about it. Your time is worth a great deal.

    Praying for you and that sweet boy.ReplyCancel

  • Southern Gal - And I just started following you on Pinterest. 😉ReplyCancel

    • Wendy - Awesome! Maybe I’ll get some more things pinned sometime — I go in spurts on Pinterest.:)ReplyCancel

  • Jill - It looks great! And having a minimum order is very reasonable. I think most clients would understand that!ReplyCancel

  • Jayme - My new smart phone found your blog..works fine and looks beautiful. Thinking of that sweet freckle-faced boy…..love+strength to all of you.ReplyCancel